Floating Ball Valve Series

Type: Floating Ball Valve
SFA : Carbon Steel Body & Alloy Steel Trim
SFS : Body & Trim Austenitic Stainless Steel

Reference Standard:
PED Directive (97/23/CE)
DIN EN 1092-1 for flange dimension
EN 558-1 (DIN 3202 F1) for end to end dimension
ASME B16.5 for flange dimension
ASME B16.10 Class 150-300 for end to end dimension
ASME B1.20.1 for NPT threaded ends
ASME B16.11 for SW ends
ISO 12209-2 for GAS threaded ends
DIN 3202 M3 for end to end dimension
ISO 15848-1 (“fugitive emission”)
API607 (“fire safe”)

Sizes:  1/4” to 4” and over on request

Ratings: ASME Class 150, 300, 800
Connections: FE, SW, NPT, GAS

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