Bicolour Level Gauges Series CBC

Sizes: Type BC1 (“Port Hole”): from 2 to 20 round glasses; Type BC33 and BC 32 (“Long Window”): Single window from size 3 to size 9; Multiple windows from 2 x size 4 to 7 x size 9.

Ratings: Up to 225 Bar & 374⁰C

Visible length: From 311 mm to 749 mm. Other on request

Materials: Stainless steel for the body, Forged carbon steel for plates. Other special materials on request.

Connections: End connected (flanged, SW or BW), Side connected (flanged, SW or BW), Back connected (flanged, SW or BW) – Condensate pipe on request 

Options: Remote transmission by means of mirrors, optic fiber, closed-circuit television, illuminator, ( explosion proof on request) etc.

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