Continuous Blow Down and Blow Off Valves Series – CBLB

Sizes:  as per customer specification

Ratings: ASME Class 1700-2700-4500 and interpolated special classes.

Connections: S.W. and B.W.

Materials: Forged Carbon Steel and alloy steel or special High Alloys (on request).

Operating: Manual or Actuated.

If a tight closure is needed after service, a CBIPL PBR valve for discontinuous service is the proper and best solution.

BLB applications:
operate in open position
control continuous flow of steam and/or water under high pressure

BLB features:
Bonnet less
non-rotating stem (for continuous blow down)
minimizes the effects of a fluid containing abrasive particles
operates with very high Δ pressure
any actuator can be easy assembled

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